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  • gfw

    Global Forest Watch alerts forest-dependent communities of violations

    A partnership convened by the World Resources Institute has developed an online forest monitoring and alert system, Global Forest Watch. Intended to empower forest-dependent communities to track daily activity on their land and alert them to potential deforestation or other violations, Global Forest Watch is also a crowdsourcing platform that sources some of its data from community documentation of local violations.

  • Uganda 88

    “It takes a village” to protect a woman’s land

    A forthcoming article by Rachael Knight and co-author Marianna Bicchieri, Chief Technical Advisor on land and gender at the Food and Agricultural Organization, points to the importance of addressing women’s land rights at the community-level, rather than solely through individual land titling.

  • classy-awards-2014-206x136

    Namati’s Burma program nominated in the Classy Awards

    Namati’s work in Burma providing legal assistance and advice to farmers facing a new land registration law has been recognised in the annual CLASSY Awards. The Burma program’s work was named as a ‘Top 5′ nominee in the category ‘Livelihood Development and Quality of Life’.

  • Local elites land grab

    Local elites bear heavy responsibility for land grabbing in Africa

    Experts say the media and policymakers are ignoring the enormous role African middle classes and local ruling elites, not just foreign investors, are playing in inequitable land transfer, or ‘land grabbing’, in Africa in recent years.

  • WB Land Conference March 14

    Namati champions community land protection at the 2014 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

    Last week in Washington, DC, Namati championed legal empowerment and local capacity-building as key elements of community land protection efforts. Learn more about the experience and research we shared.

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