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    Photos from Bihari communities in Bangladesh

    See the stunning photos of the Bihari communities in Bangladesh, taken by Namati’s Bremen Donovan, which are being featured in the Guardian.

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    News from our Global Land Protection Work

    Namati’s Community Land Protection Program has published its summer 2014 newsletter. It contains updates on the program, details of some of our policy victories, news of how we are collaborating with groups around the world and a range of useful resources.

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    OpEd: India’s Quest for Power

    Namati’s Kanchi Kohli on how India’s ‘balance’ of industrialisation and ecological protection actually looks at the ground level.

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    Namati Objects to WB ‘Turning Back Clock” on Land Rights

    Namati has joined with a group of civil society organizations to object to proposed policy changes at the World Bank that will weaken protections for indigenous people when the Bank funds development projects.

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    Secure Forest Rights Help Combat Climate Change

    A new report from the global environmental research organisation, World Resources Institute, finds that strengthening communities’ forest rights reduces emissions and deforestation.

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