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About Us

Our Vision

Empowered citizens, responsive governments.

Our Mission

In a world where 4 billion people live outside the protection of the law, Namati is dedicated to putting the law in people’s hands. We’re building a movement of grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance justice. These advocates are fighting on the front lines to ensure that people can protect their land, access essential services, and take part in the decisions that govern their lives.

Our Strategy

Namati works in three ways:

Grassroots innovation

Namati partners with civil society organizations and governments to develop, implement, and evaluate legal empowerment strategies that address five urgent global challenges:

A global network

Namati convenes an international community of practitioners committed to advancing justice. Members learn from each other and collaborate across borders. Together, we are building a stronger global movement for legal empowerment.

Research & Advocacy

Drawing on our own experience and that of the wider network, we advocate for and advise on reforms to policies and institutions.

Our Name

Namati is a Sanskrit word with two meanings: “to bow” and “to shape something into a curve.” The first meaning is about reverence. The second meaning evokes the idea of transformation, as in this prophesy from Martin Luther King Jr.: “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” We hope to be guided by both these principles.


Namati is grateful for generous support from institutions and private individuals, including among others UKAid from the Department of International Development; AusAid, the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Program; UNDP, the United Nations Development Program; and OSF, the Open Society Foundations.

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